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As you can already tell, this is a lyric site for English songs (i tried to change it but idk how).
English is now occasionally posted on here (since i post a lot of Japanese and Korean now).
This website is associated with NickLyrics~ I run that too (i’ll probably end up deleting NickLyrics or i’ll find a new owner since i don’t post on that one anymore….).
I made this one out of boredum, cuz NickLyrics is kinda….storage now, since i’m more active on this one
( Updates from NL [If i decide to transfer them to here] will be really slow ;; )

Some songs might need corrections either with the color coding or the romanization, so I would appreciate all the help I can get! Cuz i’m not good at romanizing myself x.x

Not all songs will be completely color coded or translated, but might be edited in the future.


Where can I find the K/C/J/T lyrics?
Thai – Artist/Group’s website
Korean – music.daum / Group’s Fan Forum / jpopasia
Japanese – jpopasia / animelyrics / (anime title).wikia
Chinese – Rely on other people/websites
I’m not sure where to find Chinese lyrics, so if you know, pls tell me! LOL.

Why don’t you have lyrics from ___?
I’m more familiar with Kpop and Jpop, posts will mainly be in those categories.
I’m up for other groups, tho!
If there’s no color codes anywhere for that group, it’ll take a while (cuz i’m so slow at telling voices apart when i’m new to the group)
If they do have cclyrics somewhere, I will go to that site and use that (I’ll give credits to them too~)

Will you do lyrics to various Anime?
I SURE WILL! Cuz anime is just AWESOME (plus i’m addicted to their songs) ^_^

Can I be an Editor/Admin/ect. on this site?
Sure! for this WP, help is always appreciated (Admin position will go to close friends only). Just make sure if you post, check and see if lyrics to that specific song have already been posted! I don’t want repeats (i made that mistake before…..i wasn’t happy with myself once i found two of the same post LOL XD)

Hey, where are the credits?
Credits will always be at the very bottom of the post! It can be easily missed if you scroll fast lol.


Enjoy the website! Have any questions/requests?
Comment below or tweet me @ sealynn_x.


12 comments on “About

  1. Hello, I was wondering if you could do songs from Symphogear, particularly Niji Iro no Furyūgeru (ale album version wchich isn’t on Youtube but it’s on Soundcloud). 7 people sing in it and it’s impossible for me to determine which one sings when. Btw, I love this blog! It’s so helpful when I cover Love Live songs with my group. Thank you!

    • I heard of symphogear but i actually never heard any songs from that group :). I should take a listen, i will try my best to color code lyrics for you’re request. and you’re welcome, love live is my favorite anime 🙂 <3.

  2. http://symphogear.wikia.com/wiki/Niji_Iro_no_Fury%C5%ABgeru

    In case you weren’t able to find this song. Thank you so much for your reply =O I also wanted to ask you if you do all the lyrics by ear, because if you do, then you’re extremely talented *O* I often try to listen to which idol is singing when. I often get it right, but when the voices overlap..that’s when the confusion starts. So yeah, A admire you </3 Anyway, thanks once again and have a lovely day!

  3. thank you so much :). I’ll get started on the lyrics right away. I do lyrics by ear (when it’s new song that don’t have correct lyrics out). I mostly find lyrics on other websites and all i pretty much need to do is color code them. when voices overlap it’s a little hard for me, especially when i don’t know the members voices well (it happened with love live the first time). Thanks for admiring me *blushes*. If you have any other requests feel free to ask, i’ll be here for you. Also, have a lovely day too :).

  4. omg hai^^~ it’s been a long time since i got you’re last request :). you’re welcome and i’m happy to help. I’ll see what i can do with you’re next request :).

  5. Heeey! Once again I ask for your help ;_; The new Love Live song “Dreamin’ Go! Go!!” is bugging me becuase I can’t figure out who sings when and with who. I think the trios are as these: Eri/Umi/Maki + Honoka/Niko/Rin + Nozomi/Hanayo/Kotori but I’m not entirely sure coz I think I can hear Nozomi in the Honoka/Niko/Rin trio…. I can’t tell if it’s Rin or Nozomi ;-;” The only trio I’m 100% sure I hear is Eri/Umi/Maki. I’d appreciate if you could help me out and script the song ^^” Here’s the link to the song: http://love-live.wikia.com/wiki/Dreamin%27_Go!_Go!!

  6. Hello Amity~! welcome back ^_^. I’m going to try my best and see if i can tell who’s in the pairings i’m very terrible at telling voices apart unless if there’s a pv or solo lines. but i’ll give it a shot and i’ll post it soon~! I also haven’t heard this song yet so i’m very excited to color code/listen to it xD

  7. Do you have an archive for each anime and then a link to each lyrics page somewhere? That would be very helpful!

    • haihai winterbells~! I posted the wikia pages at the bottom of the lyrics xD (ex: if you’re looking at lyrics to Love Live’s No Brand Girls, the love-live.wikia page will be listed under the lyrics). However, the anime lyrics page (ex: love-live.wikia.com) doesn’t have the lyrics color coded, but they have the romanization/japanese/english tranlations to them :D. Hopefully I answered you’re question and hopefully it’ll help 😀

  8. Hi! I need help with colour coding a song from iDOLM@STER called edeN. I’m making a lyric video but I can’t tell between Miki and Yukiho’s voices, and it’s killing me. Please help, I’ll credit in the video.

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